Aurora Consulting

At Aurora Consulting, we have been delivering solutions in line with clients' business needs for over 20 years. We apply innovative architecture solutions, interoperability standards and Enterprise Architecture best practices while working with clients to identify issues that they may not recognize, and recommending architectural solutions that are appropriate for mitigating those issues.

We are also passionate about Geomatics and leveraging location as the interoperability “glue" for Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). We applied our passion about geospatial data on a number of initiatives in different industry verticals, including environmental, health, mining, utilities, oil and gas and transportation, federal, state/provincial and local governments.

Avenza Systems

Avenza Systems has been developing software tools that have changed the way maps are made, distributed and consumed for over 20 years.

MAPublisher and Geographic Imager are our geospatial mapping software plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and have become standard tools in the industry. MAPublisher and Geographic Imager are used by cartographers and people who work with spatial imagery to make beautiful maps in more easily, with features that bridge the gap between manipulating geospatial data and leveraging the design capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These specialized tools for working with geospatial datasets simplify workflows and drastically reduce the time required to publish beautiful maps in a variety of formats for print, web, or mobile use.

Avenza Systems continues to change the industry with tools that allow high-quality maps to be created, distributed and consumed easily. and

Business Geografic – Ciril GROUP

GEO - Business Geografic’s Mapping and Location Intelligence platform - is the fruit of this continuous process of innovating in the fields of GIS. Business Geografic provides technologies, tools and solutions, protected by an international patent, to generate, disseminate and share all sorts of multi-public and multi-device cartographic applications in responsive HTML5 mode. In 2018, Business Geografic opened a subsidiary in Montreal, Quebec.

Business Geografic offers GEO Solutions for each technical activity in public and private structures of all types. GEO also includes software and geomarketing services for businesses and franchises, as well as statistical web observatory and Business Intelligence solution. GEO meets all the needs of the public and private sectors, from geo-representation to geo-prospective planning by way of geo-reporting and geo-analytics of data and key indicators, regardless of the volumes of data.

GEO is available in SaaS and On-Premises mode. Business Geografic has its own datacenters for this, which are certified for Quality and Security (ISO 27001) to host its customers’ data and applications.

Deploy Solutions

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Deploy Software Solutions helps companies manage their software projects better. We support your planning, management, and delivery activities before, during, and afteryour software projects.

Our High-Impact Consulting services are results oriented, flexible and collaborative, and cost-effective.


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Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure. We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use space. Our unique approach combines decades of deep mission understanding, and a proven commercial and defense foundation to deploy solutions and deliver insights with unrivaled speed, scale and cost effectiveness. Maxar’s 5,900 team members in 30 global locations are inspired to harness the potential of space to help our customers create a better world. Maxar trades on the New York Stock Exchange as MAXR. For more information, visit


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Founded in 1969, MDA is one of Canada's most successful technology companies and an internationally recognized leader in space robotics and sensors, radar satellites and ground systems, communication satellite payloads, antennas and subsystems, geointelligence solutions, defence and maritime systems and geospatial imagery products and analytics.

MDA has successfully exported its made-in-Canada solutions for more than five decades, and is developing solutions for the future of geointelligence in Canada and beyond. MDA is committed to delivering innovation and value in next-generation Earth observation, geospatial analytics, and space domain awareness.

With a deep and diverse technology base, MDA's global reach and heritage serving government and commercial space and defence markets with innovative and iconic solutions is unparalleled. MDA has offices in Brampton, Richmond, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Houston and the United Kingdom.

PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics, founded in 1982, is the world leader in geo-imaging products and solutions. PCI Geomatics has set the standard in remote sensing and image processing tools offering customized solutions to the geomatics community in over 135 countries.

PCI Geomatics is the developer of Geomatica®- a complete and integrated desktop software that features tools for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, geospatial analysis, map production, mosaicking and more. Geomatica® software enables users to apply imagery in support of a wide range of applications such as the environment, agriculture, security and intelligence, defense, as well as in the oil and gas industries.

Quantum Spatial Canada

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Quantum Spatial Canada is the geospatial pioneer pushing the boundaries of data and analytics to deliver actionable intelligence to transform the way our clients utilize and value geospatial data. In a world challenged by ever more sensors, we’ve got the tools and expertise to convert massive amounts of geospatial data into the answers that matter to your organization. The resulting insights can help you mitigate risk, plan for growth, better manage resources, or advance scientific understanding.

RiverCross Tracking Ltd.

RiverCross is a vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provider. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled software engineers, combining over 20 years of international software engineering experience in the field of remote asset management and monitoring.

We are among the largest local providers of these services in East Africa with over 10,000+ assets currently being actively monitored on our system!


At Sparkgeo, we provide geospatial expertise to tech companies. Need to leverage geospatial technology? We can help you navigate the path forward.