Paul Giroux

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Paul spent most of his career in web & enterprise GIS development, architecture & administration both in Municipal IT and in Public Works. Like many of you, he was struggling to create a sense of urgency & awareness with leadership about the exponential growth of technology, the true value of location data & the importance of enterprise platforms as enablers of business transformation. He felt that if he could measure the organizational impact of leadership & culture on process & data then he could strategically work on ways of improving it. He shares this work Creative Commons as Slimgim which he spends his free time supporting. The ongoing use of his model and methods by other leaders continues to fuel his desire to make a positive impact on the industry. Paul currently leads Innovation, Business and Location Intelligence at the local hydro utility.

Sessions in which Paul Giroux participates

Thursday 23 July, 2020

Time Zone: EST/Eastern Time (US & Canada)