Daniel Lebel

Director General
Geological Survey of Canada of Natural Resources Canada
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Dr. Daniel Lebel is Director General of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) of Natural Resources Canada since 2011. He has devoted his entire career in the provincial and federal public service to the advancement of science and its application to benefit society and to protect the environment through a number of posts in Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia and the National Capital Region. The first part of his career from the early 1980's to 2001, was spent as research geoscientist specialized in regional, structural, computing and 3D geoscience across Canada. As a result, he has authored many research papers that describe and synthesize geology to support natural resource development. His research has led to new 3D models and tools explaining the nature and evolution of large segments of mountain belts in Canada.

Since 2001, he has shifted his focus to leading science and maximizing the impact of the federal government as a member of the senior executive ranks of the GSC and the Public Service.As DG of the GSC, he has overseen the full breadth of economic (mineral, energy and water), geo hazards, environmental, climate change, and marine geoscience, in terms of strategic planning, operations, infrastructure investments and science response to a large range of policy issues.In that role, and previously as Regional Director General (Atlantic) of Environment Canada, he has and continue to oversee collaboration with provinces and territories, other federal departments, industry, academia from across Canada and internationally with a range of scientific partners. With his colleagues, he leads the development of the newmulti-partnered Science Cluster for NRCan. Daniel holds a Ph.D. inGeology from McGill University and his latest paper is entitled: "Geological Survey of Canada 8.0: mapping the journey towards predictive geoscience".

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Wednesday 22 July, 2020

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2:30 PM
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