Melody Rosdahl

International Business Developer
Business Geografic – Ciril GROUP
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Melody Rosdahl has been active in the geospatial industry since she graduated as a Remote Sensing and GIS expert in 2013 in France. During her final year, she entered the world of Non-Governmental Organizations coordinating a UNEP project for the Institute for Environmental Security (IES) in the Netherlands. Her mapping techniques have raised the interest of the European Space Agency (ESA) to address extra-terrestrial challenges and set up an innovative mapping procedure to understand the chronology of volcanic events on the Moon. At ease handling software tools and keen to engage with others, she participated as a speaker during the COP 21, addressing climate change challenges with the latest geospatial technologies. Adding to her technical profile, she has been handling key accounts and building international partnerships for geospatial industry actors up until now. Melody has been working as a Global Partner Manager (North America - Northern Europe - Southeast Asia - Australasia) at Business Geografic (Ciril GROUP) since September 2016.

Sessions in which Melody Rosdahl participates

Wednesday 22 July, 2020

Time Zone: EST/Eastern Time (US & Canada)