Celso Isidro

Online Community Manager
GoGeomatics Canada

Celso Isidro pursues his career in the Geospatial and Information Technology Industries as a volunteer Online Community Manager at GoGeomatics, Canada while being a casual reviewer at Elsevier Publication. In the past 10 years, he devoted himself in aerial imaging and Geographic Information System (GIS) Technologies application to base metal mining operations, quarry materials extraction and environmental management. Moreover, he concentrates on remote sensing of land use and land cover changes, spatial modelling of inland water qualities, topographic and mine exploration drilling surveys and monitoring of mine rehabilitation.

He holds an M.Phil Degree (Research category: Geomatics and Mining Engineering, Hydrology) from The University of Queensland, Australia. He is also an alumnus of University of Philippines where he earned my M.Sc Environmental Engineering and B.Sc Mining Engineering. At present, he is undergoing series of IT training with ComIT, Canada and Cisco Networking Academy.

International Projects:

• Australian Government-funded Program: Observing Land & Water Footprints of Small-scale Land use change using High Resolution Satellite Images 

LINK: https://smi.uq.edu.au/project/observing-land-water-footprints-small-scale-land-use-change-using-high-resolution-satellite-images-philippines-cagayan

• Philippine Government Project: Community-Led Integrated Non-Cyanide, Non-Mercury Gold Extraction Method (CLINN-GEM)

LINK: https://www.up.edu.ph/tag/clinn-gem/