Frank Chau

Recent Graduate Seeking for Full-time GIS Jobs
University of Waterloo

Hello everyone! I am Frank, who is a recent graduate from the Geomatics Honors Co-op Program at the University of Waterloo. My interest and experiences in Geomatics have taken root since my early childhood. Since I was a kid, I was fascinated with street maps in Hong Kong. I enjoy memorizing interesting street patterns and drawing maps during my spare time, as well as observing new spatial changes when a new atlas was published. My dream of studying what I love was materialized when I was accepted into the Honours Geomatics Program at the University of Waterloo. Throughout the five-year co-op program, I had numerous opportunities to learn how to design effective maps, analyze spatial data and conduct various interesting assignments and projects. My most unforgettable memory was working in a computer lab for seven hours straight to complete my remote sensing assignment with my friend. Despite the time-consuming work, I really enjoyed working on my assignments with my classmates sharing our ideas and thoughts. Besides academic courses, I also had valuable opportunities working in five different organizations, including three universities and two government departments. These working experiences help me build a strong foundation in GIS techniques, problem-solving and organizational skills, which could be applied in my various academic courses and ease the difficulty of those courses.