Sven Cowan - Program Manager - Quantum Spatial Canada - What’s New? Innovations and Lidar Applications for Trees & Water

11:00 AM, Thursday 23 Jul 2020 (45 minutes)
Break   11:45 AM to 12:00 PM (15 minutes)

A closer look at some of the lidar-derived innovations for enhanced forestry management solutions and topobathymetric flood mitigation from Quantum Spatial Canada. Presented by Sven Cowan, Dr. Andrew Brenner, and Colin Cooper.

Quantum Spatial, Inc., an NV5 company, is one of North America's largest geospatial services firms, providing insights to organizations that need geospatial intelligence to mitigate risk, plan for growth, better manage resources and advance scientific understanding. We combine the widest array of advanced remote sensing technologies with proprietary processes, analytics tools, algorithms, and analysis. Quantum Spatial goes beyond data acquisition and measurement, transforming high-quality, accurate data into usable information tailored to meet our clients' needs. Major government agencies, the military, and corporate organizations of all sizes, including utilities, oil and gas producers, engineering and construction firms, depend on Quantum Spatial to revolutionize the way they use and value geospatial data through end-to-end solutions that push the boundaries of data and analytics.

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