David Harper - Director General - ECCC - Talk: Space-Based Earth Observation in Canada - A Vision for the Future

1:30 PM, Wednesday 22 Jul 2020 (45 minutes)
Break   02:15 PM to 02:30 PM (15 minutes)

Space-Based Earth Observation in Canada - A Vision for the Future

Today, Canada’s landscape, coasts, waters, and cities are changing rapidly, in a large part due to unstable geopolitical currents and the acceleration of global climate change. Our future economic and environmental security, as well as the safety and well-being of its citizens, depend on our ability to understand, plan, and respond quickly to change. Space-Based Earth Observation (SBEO) technologies and their data have become a critical tool in addressing these challenges and as these technologies continue to advance, they are providing faster, more accurate and cost-effective ways to provide whole-of-society benefits.

Following Canada’s new Space Strategy in 2018, the Government of Canada (GC) has been exploring what the future of SBEO in Canada can be through an interdepartmental effort focused on improving the acquisition, accessibility, use, and impact of SBEO on the daily lives of Canadians. While developing this new direction for SBEO to better meet departmental mandates and strengthen federal services, the engagement of Canadian industry, academia, and the provinces and territories is integral to developing the solutions, stimulating economic activity, and fostering the next generation of world-class experts in all areas of SBEO.

As the GC works to identify needs and potential forward-looking strategies, it is vital to engage and inform the broader SBEO stakeholder community in Canada. We want to discuss the best pathways and hear your perspective on the actions required to advance SBEO capabilities for the benefit of Canadian business, researchers, students, decision makers, and citizens.

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